The Revolution of AI in Healthcare

Unlocking the Full Potential of Medical Imaging

Introducing PEDIATRX

PediaTRX is the first software developed by AIVOLVE for assisting in the diagnosis of acute respiratory infections and detecting abnormalities in Chest X-Ray. Specifically, our algorithm allows for speeding up the diagnosis of three key points: the localization and classification of lesions, the differentiation between pathogens, and finally, the detection of abnormalities that may involve other diagnoses.

The future in Chest X-ray Analysis

Our software replicates the steps followed by a doctor, improving the quality of clinical diagnosis

Enhancing the clinical potential of AI

PEDIATRX provides doctors and patients with a computer-aided diagnosis tool. Our technology allows pediatricians and radiologists to obtain real-time results, streamline the diagnostic process, and provide faster and more efficient medical care improving the clinical workflow.

About us – Our team

David Viar Hernández

CEO & Co-Founder

Medical Imaging Scientist (Phd)

Juan Manuel Molina Maza

CTO & Co-Founder

Biomedical-AI Engineer (Phd)

Aiza Hernández Villaroel

Medical Advisor

Pediatrician/Neonatologist (Phd)

Gonzalo González Rosales

CTO & Co-Founder

Industrial Engineer (MBA)

Roberto Martín Pérez

Cloud Platform Engineer

Fullstack Engineer